Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Madness

The tournament starts in like 2 days and nobody has invited me to fill out a bracket yet. This is unacceptable. So I have taken it upon myself to create a group on yahoo, that you can join by clicking here. Please only one entry per person. There are two divisions, "Open" and "Small Stakes Hold 'Em Regular" which will be decided in the same competition. The winner of the "Open" division will get bragging rights, pride, and untold volumes of respect. The winner of the "Small Stakes Hold 'Em Regular" division will receive an actual prize. It is a custom in the forum for posters to sponsor contests with various prizes. I have been holding on to 100 of leo doc's dollars, that I received for designing a very crappy avatar, for far too long, and feel the need to donate some of it back to the forum. So have at it everyone.

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