Tuesday, January 5, 2010


One night I was talking to Babar on g-chat and used the phrase "I mean really" at the end of a sentence. He liked it, saying that it's uses seemed almost boundless in terms of adding emphasis to a statement. Here's the conversation, which mind you was held after midnight pacific:

12:23 AM me: that's awful
I don't know why we fought so hard to get Texas back
BBB: lool
me: i mean really
BBB: im posting that on 2p2
12:24 AM me: fair
12:26 AM lmk where
BBB: nc thread med stakes
12:29 AM crossposted
to small steaks
the 'i mean really'
is the best part idk why
12:30 AM me: you can fry just about anytihng I guess

5 minutes
12:36 AM BBB: i mean really
it adds so much power
to anything
12:39 AM me: A good point you make
He 3-bet me with the 53 soooted
i mean really
53 sooted
12:40 AM BBB: lol
me: it seems like it could have boundless uses
BBB: so far i would describe it as full of win
i mean really
jam-packed chock-full
12:41 AM me: once again
[x] win
12:42 AM BBB: +1
see, staying up late is easy
just banter and trade inanities on instant messenger
i mean really, what more could you want?
12:46 AM me: nothing more
I'm catching up on my mid steaks posting
my dog is snoring
i mean really
he's snoring something fierce
BBB: record that shit
and put it in youtube obvies
12:47 AM lol i just saw
that u typed it

So we started using it on two plus two in acronym form. At first people kind of ignored it. I'd just put IMR at the end of a sentence and they were probably reading it just as an exclamation point, which is basically accurate. Then a few people started to ask, and somebody said that he couldn't find it on Urban Dictionary. Well that we had to fix. So ladies and gentleman, I give you my first Urban Dictionary submission, the definition of IMR. Yes I know there is a typo, but I actually think that kind of adds something to it.


Thanks for your definition of IMR!

Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to publish it on urbandictionary.com.

It should appear on this page in the next few days:

Urban Dictionary



I mean really

This phrase is used in online forums and blogs to add emphasize and sarcasm to a statement simultaneously:

Questioner: "Why did you raise the turn?"
Answerer: "I had 3 pair. IMR, 3 pair!"

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