Sunday, January 17, 2010

Having a Blog is Stressful

I haven't posted anything in 8 or 9 days and it's really stressing me out. The primary culprits are my actually reading a book (gasp) for pleasure (double gasp) and fantasy football. For the record "Up In The Air" is a very strange book that left me deeply unsatisfied, which I think was the point, and yes my fantasy team still has legs because we run our playoffs during the playoffs which basically amounts to building an entire new team and doing tons of work, then entering ~200 bids on free agents after week 1 and then crossing your fingers and hoping the right teams make the super bowl. Go Vikings!

But I is an 8/16 hand from a few weeks ago.

A fellow prop limps up front and so do some other people. I raise 88 OTB and we take a 6 way flop.


Normally you want an ace high board when you flop a set, but when you're the aggressor my theory of "they always put you on ace king" makes a board like this tricky. But I bet and awesomely the prop check raises. I 3 and he caps and the poor big blind is stuck in the middle. At this point it becomes clear that the BB and the prop hate each other. Why? I don't know....but the hatred must run deep.


The BB checks and the prop leads. I raise and the BB tanks for nearly a minute before finally calling. The prop 3 bets, I cap, and the BB mucks in disgust. During the entire hand he and the prop have been yapping away at each other about chip burning and the prop's sister (whom, apparently, the BB feels has questionably lax standards regarding sexual partners).

The river peels off some blank card and the prop check/calls. A request is made to see his hand, by the big blind obviously, and he shows A9o. Now that's hate.....

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Andrew said...

... A9 gotta be st least chopping right?