Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A View from the Asylum

Today I played for about 8 hours at Bay 101 and was bludgeoned repeatedly with various blunt objects. At first I convinced myself I was going to write about how my AA and QQ got cracked by J4s and Q8, then how this idiot beat my AJ with QT on a board of AT4-J-K while putting in 3 bets on the flop, another on the turn, then, after I check/called the river saying "Chop?" while tabling the stone nuts. Then I thought maybe the hand where the board made a straight after I flopped top set of 8s, only to find my opponent sitting on QJ for the runner runner nut would make the cut. But no, for this entry I found something truly special.

It's a full 20/40 game and I just won my post-in hand with 53o. An older Asian female regular (let's call her Queenie) raised preflop and the hand went off 7 ways. I basically had to call, then proceeded to flop an open-ender and get there on the river. While I'm stacking the chips and someone is commenting on "53 off suit, eh?" forgetting the fact that I was getting 13:1 preflop, I am dealth pocket tens. I raise 'em, because I've heard they are a decent hand, after limper A and Queenie stumble into the pot. A quick read on Queenie; she doesn't fold. Really ever. She shows down like any pair, all the time, and can be retardedly aggressive at times. How she plays depends greatly on how many dozen hours she's been at the table straight. Limper A is just a dude.

In order to give you the full effect, I will tell this story from the point of view of the big blind...and away we go.

"Hmmm, that punk kid is raising again. I've played with him a lot and don't like him one bit. Always stealing my blinds, burning chips. He's a real action player that one though, good for the game. With him here maybe I can get even. Let's see, what have we got here....Holy shit, an Ace and a Six. Offsuit no less! You can make even more flushes when your cards aren't suited. EZ call. OK, both the other players called, so there are what, 4 or 2 of us in here? Sounds right"

9c 7c 4h

"Well I have nothing, but he only has Ace-King so he'll fold that for sure if I put some pressure on him. I check"

Dude and Queenie check. Jesse bets.

"Perfect, now I can raise him to see where I'm at. He'll probably just call and I can bet him off his Ace-King on the turn"

Dude folds. Queenie calls two bets cold, like the champ that she is. Jesse turbo 3-bets.

"Well, I guess I better call. There are like, a lot of chips out there and I have a draw to one pair here. All I gotta do is hit that Ace..."

A of Spades

"Perfect, I have him crushed! But he probably won't bet, cause he never bets the turn. Plus, he's gotta figure I just put 3-bets in with a naked ace and no draw. I better bet"

Queenie calls. Jesse shakes his head in disbelief and calls.

"Alright, now, what do I want to see on this river? Heck I have no idea...."

2 of spades

"Alright, I better bet again"

Jesse calls, mostly out of curiousity honestly.

"Haha, sucker! My ace is good! Man I play so good but just run so bad. This dealer kills me every time....hopefully this kid'll stick around for a while so I can get even"


Yodaman said...

Something tells me that this thought process was not exactly what was going on in villain's head. Especially the I have him crushed cause I spiked an ace haha

Hamking said...

lol Sklansky bucks ftw :D ...(wow)