Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thank You For the Action, Sir

Whenever you take a bad beat, where your opponent drew out on you with incorrect (or impossibly incorrect) odds, it's best to say to yourself (or even sometimes out loud) "Thank you for the action, sir". Today, I had such a hand.

I'm playing 30/60 at The Oaks and see a flop from the big blind with KQo. 4 players had limped, and the small blind had completed. This is kind of close to a raise actually, but that's not really the point. The point is that the flop came down:

Q32 rainbow

In terms of flopping 1 pair, that's about as good as they come. The small blind checks and I bet, expecting to get maybe one call or something like that, but hoping to get raised by a worse queen. Instead, 3 of my 5 opponents push the call button. Instantly my "set radar" starts to go off. I mean, there are only 2 queens left in the deck. What on earth are these people drawing at? Something like two cards 4-6 makes sense, but otherwise....what on Earth do they have? Usually I'd get raised by top pair....I'm a bit confused, but short on time, as the dealer is burning and turning:

Q32-7 of the fourth suit

The small blind checks and I have no recourse but to bet. One guy does fold, but another opponent calls, and the small blind calls again. Now I'm totally confused. This makes no sense.


Ouch. The small blind checks. He's an old man without a tricky bone in his body, so I'm thinking I'm safe by him. The ace is a terrible card, but I realize that if I check and the guy behind me bets, I'm gonna have to call anyway (he's laggy and bluffy and all sorts of crazy). So I bet, probably incorrectly. The laggy bluffy guy calls, saying "I should raise you" and then the small blind....calls. Now at this point I know I'm beat and practically fast-fold my hand, but the small blind tables his cards before I have the chance:


I fold. Bluffy guy tables:


All I can muster is "Thank you for the action, sirs"


Hamking said...

lol.. you should move up limits. Too many passive donks at 30/60 IMO.

Captain R said...

If you don't have anything nice to say,


Hamking said...

I forgot to enable the (sarcasm) tags on my original comment. meant it as a joke =)

30/60 being the biggest game we've got in MN, I'm constantly amazed at how bad some of these villains can play.. :)

Captain R said...

No prob Hamking, I meant it for Jesse. In other words, stuff like "Thank you for the action" is rather sarcastic and not really the kind of stuff you want to say to the bad players.

It's basically the same thing as saying, "You played that hand terribly and I'm glad you play bad".

Yodaman said...

Instead of saying said comment to villain, why not just let out a big whooooo saaaaa, Bad Boys 2 style.

Lucas said...

That pot is special, nothing like coming up empty after having 95% equity.

Although the chances of the droolers actually learning/improving from your comments are small, I still prefer to say anything possibly inflammatory to myself.

jesse8888 said...

I don't think I actually said it...I guess I might of, I can't remember. Literary license IMO.