Monday, March 16, 2009

Insert Title Here

I'm not even sure what I'm going to write about, so it was pretty hard to come up with much of a title. Here we go....

As has been previously noted, I seem to not post as much when I'm running bad. This past week has sort of been like that, with me basically treading water since March 6th. Some days I'm up, some days I'm down. If I win at 40, I lose at 20, or vice versa. I really haven't had a big win or loss since early in the month. But some interesting stuff has happened.

Goals Update

So far this month I have played 14 out of 16 days for a total of 91 hours. Those who excel at "division" will note that I'm about 7 hours behind my 7 hours a day goal. That's not looking good.

But I Have a Royal Flush

A few days ago at Bay 101 I played the following hand:

I open raise QT of spades in early position. Tom B 3-bets me from a few seats over, and Hung cold-calls on the button. The big blind also calls, so we're 4 handed for 12 small bets total after I call. We see a flop of:

Ks Js 8h

I have an open-ended straight flush draw (OESFD) and am elated in general. I check after the big blind checks, knowing that Tom B and Hung are far more likely to put in 2 bets than zero here....but they both check! Curses, foiled again!


Well gosh gee willikers, now that I've missed, I kinda want to just check and call. Tom B bets, Hung calls, the BB calls, and I also call.


Eureeka! I have a royal flush. I bet the thing, on the off chance that one of my opponents also has something worth raising, but sadly, everyone folds. I show my hand and drag the pot (which does have 10 big bets in it, so it's not like it's tiny or anything). Tom B claims he had KQ, to which I reply "No, you didn't". I mean, it's just not possible. Checking top pair on the flop, then folding trips on the river for one bet? I mean, if he wants to lie and claim a nice fold, say something like pocket queens. KQ is just impossible.

The Big Game

While playing 40/80 at table 38 (usually reserved for the 80/160 game), I took this picture from my seat. I thought it was cool.

I guess that's all I've got for now. Sorry for being so boring.


Captain R said...

"Big Game Hunter"

jesse8888 said...

You're damn right, Mr. Oaks Card Club 4/8 Stud Champion.

CT said...

That a Starcraft reference? God I wish SC2 would come out already...

Yodaman said...

3v3 BGH No Lag Join Now!

Captain R said...

LOL, didn't mean that as a SC reference. That was a map though, wasn't it?

Yoda -- fuggin' hilarious, oh the memories...

jesse8888 said...

My friend Kevin and I always ran 2v2s on Bridge Too Near. He'd make the little Zerg thingies and I'd go straight to the human cloaked planes. We won like 95%. It was awesome.

I <3 Battlenet