Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Results and April Goals

So March didn't finish up as well as I'd hoped it would. A few days ago I was looking at easily making my hours goal and possibly posting a second 5 figure month in a row. After coming down with a nasty head cold, taking a day off, and getting slobberknocked in my last two sessions, the numbers were a lot more "in range". Here goes:

Hours played above 15/30: 160.25
Dollars won: ~$6900

I failed to get my hours in, and I failed to take enough days off. For this month, I'm going to try again:

24 days of poker
7 hours per day

Today was just miserable. I managed to get stuck over 3 racks in my first 90 minutes at Garden City, and eventually was down 2300 before a little bit of luck towards the end let me leave down only 3 figures for the day. Early in the session a guy I've never seen before flopped 3 double digit outters against me in a row. Like so:

I raise QQ and he cold calls with Q9dd. The flop is KJ4 with two diamonds. He donks the flop and I raise and he 3-bets and I just know he has a diamond draw but I only call. The turn is a Ten, so he gets there, and I just call him down (note that I'm open ended there, too). Then a few hands later I have AK and and he calls again with T8dd. This time he flops the best hand with a monster redraw on the 8-high board with two diamonds. Someone else flops a better 8, though, so I only spend $40 figuring this one out. Shortly after that I raise black 9s and he again calls with two diamonds, this time 5-high. He flops an open-ended straight flush draw (and of course the board is all below my 9s) and again makes the straight so I have to pay him off. Then I got asshole carded like so:

I raise AQ with the ace of diamonds and get 3-bet by a young pro-ish taggy guy. He's good enough to 3-bet with some pretty low pairs. A 3rd guy comes along, and I almost actually cap preflop but decide against it. Big fail on my part, there....The flop comes King high with two diamonds and I call one time getting like 11:1 or something preposterous like that. The turn pairs the King and he bets again and again we both call, the other guy because he has two cards, me because I now have 4-diamonds. The river is the 9 of diamonds, which would be great if he didn't have pocket nines. $80 later, my hand hits the muck.

So in closing, I can't really complain about the month and am looking forward to a fresh start for April.

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