Sunday, March 29, 2009

He's On Fire!!!!

Everybody remember NBA Jam, where if you made two shots in a row you were "heating up" and once you made three you were "On Fire"? Well I'm officially En Fuego right now. I took Thursday "off" to take care of some stuff around my apartment and get my oil changed (my car was a last minute relief pitcher on our trip to LA last weekend, so bonus 1000 miles). So I drove up to San Bruno, dropped my car off at Melody Toyota, gave them the coupon they emailed me, and diligently walked over to Artichoke Joe's. After 30 minutes of 6/12 I was up about $300, and 60 minutes of 15/30 netted me another rack of $5 chips, for an off day profit of just under $800. Nice hand indeed.

Yesterday I played at Bay 101 at one of the most epic 20/40 tables I have ever seen. There were 3 solid players and 6 awful ones. I played this hand, which ends by me 3-betting the flop, getting capped, turning two pair, leading out and getting called down in multiple spots all the way to river and dragging a nearly 2 rack pot. In another hand in which the same villain open raised and another 6 players called two bets cold, I called with T7o in the big blind and watched the flop come down:


That's right, I have the nuts. Some action went in on the flop, and by the turn I still had the nuts and bet again. The river brough an Ace, keeping my nuts intact, and the crazy asian lag (mentioned in the two plus two post) went 5 bets with me with Aces up. I probably go 4+ bets on a big street every 6 weeks or so. Yesterday, I did it 3 times in 45 minutes. Another crazy asian guy went 6 bets with me on the river when he made Aces full of Eights (against my nut Aces full of Kings), and I managed to get 4 bets in on the turn with 33 on a KK3-8 board (after also getting in 4 bets on the flop). Fortunately the river was neither an Ace, King, nor Eight and my full house held up. All in all, it was a good day. At one point I was up over 4 racks, but finished the day up only 2.5 thanks to virtual parade of 2 outters that rained down on my over the last 60 minutes.

Today was more of the same. I went to Garden City and the following sequence took place:

4 limpers to me on the button and I raise AT of clubs. Everyone calls. The flop is something like 875 with two clubs, and I managed to get it capped 5 ways. The turn is a Ten, giving me top pair, which is pretty far from good at this point, and the guy with 96 (for the flopped straight) check/raises the table. 10 big bets go in from 5 players. The river is a beautiful Jack of Clubs, and 3 players call me. As I'm attempting to get the avalanche of chips I've just acquired under control, I peek down to find a nice pair of ones in the hole. I raise and get some callers (fewer than usual...perhaps only 3), then flop top set. Someone bets, someone calls, I raise, and they both call. The turn is no help to either of them (although a straight is now possible) and they both call again. The river pairs the 9 on board, giving me aces full, and the flop donker donks again. The poor sap caught in between calls, and I of course raise with my second nut (only quad nines can beat me and he ain't got that...trip nines sure, but not quads), and get called. I still have probably $500 in chips strewn in front of me, which the dealer now more than doubles. I finish the day up a healthy 3 racks, confident again in my opinion that I am some varietal of awesome (either awesomely good, or, more likley, just awesomely lucky).

I have 3 days left in the month and need about 18 hour to reach the goal I set for myself 4 weeks ago. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I've got a bit of a cold and have been cutting my sessions short because of it.


pdscjr said...

From down town! Puts up a brick... grabs the rebound... jams it in! Is it the shoes? The turnover... wide open... swish! He's heating up! Intercepted... ugly shot... rejected... jams it in! He's on fire! At the buzzer... Boomshakalaka! The nail in the coffin!

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mikeca said...

I was at Garden City Saturday and witnessed a little of this obscene run of luck. I walked up just at the showdown of the aces full of nines hand. A couple hours latter when I was leaving Jesse had a second layer on his chip stack.

I saw Jesse limp Tc9c and flop a flush. The turn put a 4th club on the board. I think the A and J were on the board, but anyone with a K or Q had a better flush. Two players called Jesse down, but Jesse's T high flush was good.

Where do they find these 20/40 players that call down on a 4 card flush board with less than a 9?