Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another Day

Today was a good day I think. I may have played kind of bad for a while, but that happens after 4 days off from time to time. For a while my fold button was disabled, with me calling BJ down after a turn c/r on 975-6-K with....ace ten. Yeah that's a little much. And I got "cold decked" a few times but should have saved some bets and from time to time do when I'm playing super duper good. I called a river donk on 983hh-4c-Ah after the guy c/r the flop headsup and IMR like he doesn't have it there every single time (I had tens), and failed to fold KK on a T66-J-J board (that one is harder but still my cards are napkins when the jack hits). My boss also tortured me relentlessly, set v top pair, trips v topsies+fd, two pair on the turn, etc etc. But somehow at the end of the day I won some dollars, closing with this gem before my softball game (2/4 with 3 RBI, including driving in the last two runs in a 19-19 tie and error free second base):

I open K5dd in the CO young Internet looking kid I don't know defends. We flop T42dd and he c/r me and I consider my options and decide making a flush would be best and then just call. The turn is a ten and I obviously don't fold, and the river 6r doesn't look so bad so I sling 8 more chips out there and he rolls 87o. No pair, no draw, pure Captain R air ball style. I'm quite pleased, stack and rack up and drive south for softball.

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