Thursday, September 16, 2010

This One Was Painful

So I'm at HG lamenting the fact that I'm even here when the following combination of terrible luck and idiotic play strikes. I literally am racking my chips to drive to Commerce, as the game is nothing special and none of my favorites are anywhere to be found. A I receive my UTG hand, though, one of them miraculously appears and posts in the CO. I pause; can I leave a game with this man in it? Surely I should at least play another lap.

So I take my big blind and suddenly my tight not great table sees 4 players limp and a nitty prop declare "against my better judgement" before raising the SB. I call with QTo (honestly very debatable, given the props range and likely play on the flop) and off to the races we go.


And here I commit my first serious sin, raising the prop. Horrible. His bet alone on this board against 5 players means I am beat 100% (ergo the preflop fold argument). And none of them will fold. Sure enough 3 players call and the prop 3 bets. I call, cursing myself for getting into this mess, and the EP player declares "cap it up"

Now look at the flop closely....what does he have? There's no draw in sight, and my set radar is sounding at DefCon 2. Everyone calls and it's on me closing the action at 31:1. That's right. Thirty one to one. So I call and rationalize that he COULD have T7 or 75. Now here comes the pain.


What do I aim for? The jugular obviously. The prop and I check, EP bets, the other two fish call, the prop calls, and I cannot resist. I raise. They all call, 26 large bets in the pot.

The river brings a 2 and we have produced the rare board on which 3 queens is the immortal nuts (that's the lowest hand that can be the nuts, try it out). I bet, only EP calls while saying "set of tens set of queens good" (neither of which I can possibly have, ever) and I cringe as he shows his set of sevens. The coup de grace (sp?) is delivered by the fish who just posted two hands ago, is the only reason I'm not walking to my car already, and personally shoveled $200 into the pot before folding. "I knew he had a set. I don't know what he was doing raising that turn. All those raises on the flop, you know somebody has a set".

Curiously I took this all pretty well. Yeah I fucked up, but it was a ridiculous situation and few players would have done much better. I'll get 'em next time, and besides the game is awesome now.

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