Friday, September 3, 2010

More From Pete

Shortly after I woke up two days ago Pete and I exchanged this conversation:

Pete: (Wife) says that under no circumstances am I to play the 200/400. Apparently being in-between houses and owing 1.5 mil in mortgage loans to the bank makes this an "unnecessary risk". Nit.

Jesse: Counter with 150/300 IMO.

Pete: 3 pusher, 4 pusher, 5 pusher in the first 15 minutes. 8 racks/hr at this rate.

Pete: Dealer had small hands, admittedly.

I have struggled mightily the last two days, I fear playing bad and paying off too much. I got raised by an uber-nit on a turn of 832-3 three ways and was unable to avoid paying him off. Now admittedly the board held two flush draws (which actually doesn't matter for this guy, he was the type to consistently call down with over pairs) and I happened to be holding pocket jacks, but I still should have known there was a zero percent chance he was bluffing. It was just so hard to put him on a 3, though. The river even re-paired the 8 and I still didn't fold. He had 22 obviously. I also drew obviously dead once when another massive nit put in action on a J74sss flop after raising preflop, and I didn't have the good sense to fold my Ks until the river. I laughed afterwards saying that I should have folded the instant he bet the flop, to which he replied "You know if I bet the flop I have Ace Jack with the ace of spades minimum." The sick part is he was telling the truth. He'd have checked like AK with a spade there, and couldn't have AA because he limp/reraises it 100% of the time from early position. I guess my hope was that he had black queens and I had 12 outs? But somebody else raised and I called and yeesh it was just a disaster and I was drawing so thin but the pot was huge as per usual. Then I built a massive pot for KK for the 5th time in 3 days and he immediately flopped a flush from the SB in a 6 way 3 bet pot and promptly donked. Like the dummy that I am I lit $160 on fire to see said flush with just topsies even 3 betting the flop (obviously the turn and river were complete blanks, so the final board red like KQ7sss-3c-2h).

I dunno, there are just situations where they cannot, under any circumstances, be bluffing and I have to be better at recognizing them and just getting the fuck out of dodge. I left after 8 hours yesterday dead even, but should easily have been up at least 5 or 6 bets because of silly mistakes like this.

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