Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lack of Progress

My car still needs maintenance and repairs, and my busted ass computer is still sitting on my desk (I did at least but a 1 TB external hard drive today, which is sort of like driving to your local All State office while your house is burning down) However, the Steelers somehow won their game, and Petyon Manning lifted the dead weight that is my fantasy team onto his shoulders and carried it to victory all by himself. I also own Legadu Nannee in both leagues (way to go Dad) and am predicting simul-titles this year.

I'm about to enter one of the softest games I can recall seeing (I mean maybe it could be better, but there is seriously not another player in the game I wouldn't gladly sit with 8 of) and am hoping that tonight my machine magically just starts working. Stranger things have happened.

How 'bout them steelers though, amirite? 0-4 is off the table, and about that I could not be happier. I predict they will be 3-2 entering week 7.

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