Friday, September 17, 2010

Hilarious Hand

First of all I realize my last post seemed kind of harsh. I mean maybe the guy really is sick or something. But I just can't abide by anyone tapping the glass, even a fish. He's been berating the fish for bad plays non-stop, and spent 4 minutes yelling at his wife to get a coconut cream pie and make sure she propped it up correctly in the front seat so it was flat. Currently he's napping between hands, and his level of nittery has saved me 3 big bets is soul read folds (he had KK both times).

So anyway 2 players limp and the preflop psychopath on the button raises. Obviously I'm in the SB and I 3 bet AQo. The bb and both limpers take 2 per dome button caps 5 ways for 20 small bets we go.

Ad 8s 7s

And I donk. Super non-standard but the button is so random he might check anything back there and the pot is huge flop is drawy why not fire and put them all in a horrible spot?

All 4 fold at 21:1 and I drag it. Pretty sure that's a lifetime first for me.

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