Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just an Update I Guess

I've actually won 3 days in a row, which has been very nice. Today I took a few brutal beats (I managed to flop T77r and lose with A7s, for example) but in general things went pretty well and I took home two more racks than I brought with me. I also had a long talk with Babar (instigated entirely by him) in which he encouraged me to work on the mental aspects of my game, perhaps seek some coaching, and in general to not be too alarmed that things haven't been working out so well the past 5 months. The talk made me think about a lot of things and also gave my confidence a shot in the arm, as he forced me to go through the exercise of generating a life time graph. The thing didn't look nearly as bad as I'd feared it might, and seeing all those wins really made me remember that I have crushed these games and, as far as I know, haven't suffered any brain damage recently. The wins will come, and once they do I'll be even stronger mentally than I was before. Thanks Babar.


The blindman said...

Sounds like some very good advice.

bravos1 said...

The green elephant shares good wisdom.