Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who Capped It?

I'm promising myself I'll keep this short and sweet, as it's past my bedtime. As a note, I'm going to try to move towards frequent short posts. We'll see how that goes.

Pete's kids were off school for a week, and Monday of this week marked his triumphant return to The Land of Dolphin Chips. He and I managed to get on the same table and spent 4 hours or so making up for lost time, bullshitting, talking poker and life, and generally probably making everyone else feel a little uncomfortable. At one point three (3) other two plus twoers were either sweating us or talking to us, and it just kind of had the sense of the cool kids' lunch table or something.

So we're moving right along, running good, winning hands, etc etc (for most of the session we were both up more than a rack. I think he cashed out almost 2 in profit, I left for the 40 game up 1) and generally making life a challenge for everyone else at the table. Then it happens. 3 or 4 players limp to Pete, who completes the small blind. I raise because I have pocket Jacks, and everyone calls in quick succession (in that way people do when it's obvious everyone is gonna call this raise cause they already put in one bet and folding now would be insane) to Pete....who 3-bets. Before the rest of the table can figure out what's going on I have capped it, and the dealer spends the next 20 seconds or so explaining that to everyone.

Seat 5: "Who capped it?"
Dealer: "The big blind?"
Pete: "Who made it three bets?"
Me: "You did."
Pete: "No"
Me: "Yes"
Pete: "Oh, OK. 5 bets!"

So at this point Pete and I are in full table banter mode and I know the texture of his hand. He's got some sort of "biggish" suited connector that for some reason he didn't want to raise the first time around. I'd never forgo the raise the first time and then 3-bet, but whatever. The problem is that now the whole table thinks we're in collusion and I'm gonna give Pete a cut of this pot in the parking lot after I win all these bets. You have to admit, it looked super shady....Anyway, 5 handed or so, maybe 6, and we see a flop of:


I don't remember the suits or the action really, but somehow Pete and I end up heads up with no more than 2 bets going in (either I bet and only he called, or he donked, I raised, and only he called). So I'm pretty happy about this situation, as there are like 9 million bets in the pot and all I have to do is beat Pete's T9 sooooted and we're good to go.


Pete proceeds to check/raise me, as is his custom on the turn. I forget my cardinal rule, which is "You can't fold" and 3-bet my set, after astutely noting that I lose to exactly QT suited. That's all, that's it, nothing else can he possibly have. He can, however, have J9s, 98s, maybe be bluffing with JTs, I don't really know, but I have second set and even if he...oh. Pete 4-bets. This is not good. I call. The river doesn't bail me out, but I can't fold (see above) and pay Pete off to be shown QT suited. $320 shipped to Pete in a single hand could be approaching the record....

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