Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Results

I've decided that, unfortunately, I'm no longer comfortable posting my exact monetary results up here on the interwebs for everyone to see. Back when I was in fact just "taking a shot" it seemed completely reasonable for me to be completely honest with everyone, both so that my story would be more enjoyable and so that those reading to glean some sort of insight into whether or not they should try to walk a similar path could accurately assess how things were going, and maybe even extrapolate how they'd go for them. Well, the shot has ended. Now posting my exact results seems an unnecessary beat/brag/risk, and I'm just not going to do it any more. I'll provide occasional updates, and if you're interested in knowing more feel free to ask either in a comment or via email.

That said, so far I've been astonished at how "even" things have been. I've being doing this for 9 months, and I haven't yet posted a losing one. My goal was to make $8K a month. I've averaged $7967. My hope was that I could win $50 an hour at live 20/40. Through ~1400 hours it's at $50.55. The only real "break" I've caught was the 9 rack heater in the Ocean's 40/80 game. I mean, without that, my results would be a fair bit worse. Of course, I'm currently stuck 4 racks in my last 30 hours of 40/80. Can I really not beat that game? I doubt it. All in all, I don't feel like I've experienced the full vengeance of variance just yet. Knock on wood I won't get a taste for a while.

April itself was a rousing success. I logged 179.5 hours (my highest total ever) in 25 days of play (counting today's 3 hour Garden City Hit 'N Run), with less than 3 coming in "small games" (less than 15/30). I logged almost 30 hours of 40/80, and just under 20 hours of 30/60. I'm hoping to continue adding hours above 20/40 in the coming months, and will start on May 1st by playing the 30/60 game at The Oaks.

The above was written a few days ago....Now for a brief addendum.

I'm going to go into May without an hours goal, mainly because I have a lot of travel/visitors during this month and don't want to stress myself out. I'm simply going to play as much as I can and hopefully win some money. Easy game right?

I started out on the right foot today, crushing the Oaks 15/30 and 30/60 games for 1 and 2.5 racks respectively. Then I stopped at Artichoke Joe's on the way home to meet Danielle for dinner and some good old fashioned 6/12 madness (she let's me buy half her action usually....I'm up almost $300 on this deal in the last month, including $103 today when she played 1 orbit, dragged a monster with aces full, and decided to just eat her pancakes). I lost 60 bucks, 74 of which went bye bye on my last hand when I got 5 bets in preflop 4 ways with AA, then put in 6.333 bets on the flop, heads up, to get the guy with Q9 soooooted all in. Sadly the board had a pair of nines on it. After the he got all in I declared "9 good". He sat stoicly. The dealer ran out the turn and river and in the same instant I said "Aces" and rolled my bullets. He sat there for a second, looked at the board, then triumphantly turned over the goods. My chips were already racked, and I somehow managed to say "Good luck everyone" instead of "Nice hand and thanks for the slow roll". I'm not really sure how, but I did....

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