Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Rain Maker

I've realized that a lot of my stories are bad beats. I think there are two main reasons for that:

1. Those are the hands I remember.
2. Honestly, since I play tighter than most of my opponents, I probably take more bad beats than I dish out.

Today's post is simply an example of a hand that you'd hear my victim talk about the next day, with me playing the role of the donkey. Also, if you'd to read some serious discussion of the hand from my last post, check this out.

So I'm playing 15/30 at The Oaks waiting for the 30/60 game to start. This irritating Asian guy is talking and talking and yabbering, generally saying stupid stuff and acting like a tool. He's also playing like a nit, and seems to be proud of the fact that he's a nit (you know the type, showing people his folds so they can say stuff like "good fold" and "wow, tight player!" and the like). A few people limp and this guy raises. Somebody calls behind, the small blind calls, and I behold the Eight Deuce Suited (here forward referred to as "The Rain Maker") and call, getting an expected 11:1 to see 3 cards. As predicted, the flop goes off 6 ways for 2 bets and is:

Q82 with two clubs

The small blind donks (what he can possibly have is beyond me) and I raise instantly. Someone folds, but 5 of us remain for the turn of:

Q82-3 with still just two clubs

The small blind checks and I bet "The Rain Maker" once again. The two poor saps stuck between me and the nit-raiser call, and then said nit-raiser...raises. The small blind now folds, and I think for a second and opt to 3-bet "The Rain Maker". One player calls all in, a second calls, and the nit raiser....calls only. I now prepare to dodge half the deck with my catlike reflexes....

Q82-3-J with still just two clubs

"The Rain Maker" is entact! No flush, no counterfitting of the deuces. I bet. All in man shrugs, and the flush draw folds. The Nit Raiser calls and says "Set of Eights good". At this I cringe slightly, but then realize that on this board if he can't beat a set, he can't beat 2 pair either. I table "The Rain Maker". He looks at it, bewildered, tables his AA in disgust, asks to be dealt out, walks over to play Pai Gow, collects 3 missed blind buttons over the next 40 minutes, and is eventually picked up without playing another hand.


The blindman said...

Pah, that's no bad beat. You're getting 100-1 preflop and you've got the nuts for the rest of the hand..

jesse8888 said...

Yeah but watching him walk away from the table already telling people that somebody just cracked his aces with eight deuce was priceless. I actually yelled "SOOOOOOTED" and my entire table laughed.

The blindman said...


Matt said...

If I had your address I would send you a T-shirt with "Yes, but it was suited" on it and nothing else.