Friday, July 19, 2013


11 days without a post.  And not just without a post, without even a thought of considering making a post.  I dunno, I just haven't felt up to it lately.  I played a good bit this week, and had a stretch where I did this:

Hours:  38
Bets Won: 3
Dollars Lost:  8000

Today I capped it off by snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in the commerce 40, winning 2k in 3 hours then losing 2200 in the last 90 minutes of the session.  I did however get to play against the woman who must be the greatest LHE player in all of the universe.  Her board initials are LD (if you play at commerce she has crushed you in the 60) and she literally runs better than anyone else in the history of me.  Every single time I sit with her she has 5, 6, 8 racks of chips in front of her.  Today it was just 40 because there was no 60, which I guess cost her something like 3k in her 5 hour session because she'd have won 8 or 9 instead of just 5 or 6.  She does things like this:

Open K5hh UTG in an average 60 game.

Cold call first in with A2hh after a winning professional raises.

Call three bets with A4ss after a winning professional raises and a loose passive player makes it three bets.  In this case she will also flop the nut flush against a made straight (with open ended straight flush draw) and top set and her hand will hold up.

I mean, I guess I just need to accept the fact that she is better than me, because she won another 50 bets today no problem.

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