Thursday, July 25, 2013

And We're Back...I Guess

Personal life and side project things have settled down (or even stopped in some cases I guess lol) and I have spent the last three days grinding away at Commerce.  And you know what?  Boy is it fun when you're on a heater.  My last 5 or 6 40/80 sessions I have won 150 bets (during that stretch I have torched off a fair bit in the 1/2 and 60 though so the actual bottom line isn't that great) and I mean I literally just can do no wrong whatsoever.  Draws come in.  Single top pair hands hold up.  I flop quads.  Set over set people and have a third player actually showdown the bronze medalist somehow.  I mean, it's been pretty unreal.  DosEquis got to witness the tail end of a bludgeoning I put on some fools today and I'm sure he can attest it was almost painful to watch (I think he may have won for once, though, so maybe not too painful? Who lost the 8k in that game cause I mean Ms. LD was in there crushing souls too).  Actually, here is a fun hand:

LD opens in MP, Dos three bets like the CO or HJ, I cap the big blind with jacks, they call.

887 or 778 I don't remember it doesn't matter.  And rainbow.  The both call.  Dos is good enough that I do not automatically have the best hand here, so I have a tough thing to do on the turn but it doesn't matter since LD is the hand we all know what is going to happen

887-3 putting two spades

I bet and she raises.  Dos goes into the tank for a bit and then eventually calls two cold.  I call, not liking it but not really considering folding the jacks at 12.5 : 1 closing the action.

Ace.  Of.  Spades.

Long story short LD has the KJss and just somehow manages to find the absolute worst possible spot to raise the turn with a flush draw and yet somehow not only have a magical 3 bonus outs with her kings that she almost never ever ever has, but also bink it and win.  Silly.

Anyway things are going OK.  Commerce hasn't been awful, but I mean I am winning every pot so we'll see how I feel when I lose 10k straight next week.  As an aside an amazing 200/400 game has been running for like 2 days straight and I mean jeeze I should probably be playing but I just don't have it in me it seems.

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AdamStover01 said...

It's always the ace of spades.