Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vegas? Still There

I checked it out these past 2 nights and can confirm that they haven't pulled up the stakes and left town or anything.  At least not yet.  Human beings really were not intended to survive in that sort of environment;  it was 113 degrees each of the days I was there, there is zero moisture in the air, all the casinos have smoke, it's really just not for me.  I can't imagine how I used to do it when I actually drank and then didn't sleep at all.  Those were...younger times.

I have played a lot of mixed games lately, actually.  We messed around playing 8/16 at the Venetian both days of the trip (Stud Eight, O8, and triple draw mostly), and I actually played 1/2 HT (hold 'em and triple draw) at commerce with Eagle recently.  I don't really have the knack for remembering hands from other games that I do for hold 'em, but here are some fun ones.

Eagle opens OTB, SB calls, I 3-bet an 8542 they call, and I proceed to make an 8 perfect on the first draw.  Eagle, on the other hand, draws 5, then 3, then 2, then raises me on the river and shows me 76542.  Whoopsie.  Next hand he limps in and I get to draw 3 from the SB with like 73 and bink number one on the first draw and destroy him.  Deuce is pretty fun.

From the mix at venetian, well...I got beat up pretty badly and honestly was probably one of the worst stud players in the game.  I kept getting into stud 8 hands, bricking out 4th street, then picking up JUST enough help (typically a 4th low card) to get to 7th then quietly fold or call with one pair and hope for the other half.  It was kind of a mess.  And Captain R showed me how to play rolled up 5s pretty well,  namely make sure your opponent makes Aces and Jacks and punish him.  A couple of guys showed me how to get dealt 7s.  I ran AK into KK on the K93.  Just all kinds of shitty stuff happened, but it's cool, it was only 8/16 and I had a great time with my friends.  We also did some borderline foodie things, eating at Pasta Mia and Lotus of Siam, both of which I can obviously endorse.  And that's really about it;  I'm back home, dogs are fine, fourth of july is tomorrow, things are good.

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