Monday, November 26, 2012

How It's Done

This old school white pro sits in my game and immediately posts UTG + 1 eight handed. In fairness the out button is to his right but still it's amazingly rare to see something like that these days. Anyway he folds some hands, then on his button I open the HJ and the CO 3-bets. She's perhaps the tightest 3-bettor in Southern California, and literally is holding AJs, 99+ here at the widest. He instantly calls 3 cold (not even a smidgeon of hesitation) the blinds fold I cap (I have the AK here and cap because it'll be so so easy to play now) and they call.


They call


They both call again. This is the point where I'm boned, as the CO now has me beat or tied 100% of the time. So I prepare to c/f the river.


I check CO checks and he now bets! I fold and the CO calls. He shows the 98hh for the title belt, and the CO shows her JJ for sympathy. He is champion.

This hand is a perfect example of why LHE is basically a joke. He calls 3 cold vs a winning pro and a range that has him boned to like literally 15% equity or so, flops a stone cold two outter (a decent flop honestly), peels off $120 drawing all but dead (and only has that privilege because the CO is so so awful) then gets to value bet the river with the nuts. Seems reasonable.

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p4594spa said...

1)Are you sure you aren't playing at a 3-6 game?
2)So you are playing against the LA's tightest 3-bettor. So how do you barrel the 2nd time on the turn, given your behind her range? [you are ahead AQx, AJs (18 hands)],[you are chopping with AKx (12 hands)], and behind [JJ, QQ, KK AA? (24 hands)]