Monday, July 9, 2012

Yay Poker

Today was my first real day back on the grind, and I had another session that seemed to show that some where out there some higher power is watching over me.  A big loss today, or even over the next week or so, really wouldn't have been good for me.  I put some of the proceeds from that huge win into the market, and I dusted off a fair bit on WSOP pieces and my horses haven't been doing very well and then I torched off the $17k and well honestly things were getting a little interesting from a "cash on hand" point of view.  I still have some markers to collect (one that will be super easy, one that basically may have been stolen yeesh that's another story) but long story short after 2.5 weeks off a big win was just what the doctor ordered.

I played 40 for the first four hours of the day, screwing the pooch mightily by passing on a decent then very good 60 game.  Somehow I managed to win a very small number (still a large loser in that game lifetime) before getting into a must move 60 game.  I won a bunch, lost some back, then won a good bit back, then got moved to the main game at like 6:30pm.  At this point I was up something like $4k for the day and was planning just to play my free lap or maybe two and then take off.  But the game was amazing and the 7pm collection happened and I just decided to stay a little longer to let the five south turn from orange to green and then boom....I got to win like 4 huge pots in a row (and take a bad beat in another hilarious one) and go home up $9k.  It went sorta like this....

I open 99, it gets raised and capped behind me, the button calls 4 cold the big blind comes along and we see a flop 5 ways


That's right....check check bet call raise 3-bet I cap call 3 cold fold call call.  Got that?  Doesn't matter, 17 more bets went in, making 37 small ones total and a 4 way pot.


And the big blind, who had check/3 bet the flop "donks" right into us.  At this point I should explain a few (obvious) things here.  I opened this pot, then check/cold-capped.  The guy who 3-bet absolutely isn't messing around (he has an over-pair) and the woman who called four cold pre then raised the flop also has something strong.  And I know all of that....

So I raise the turn, the two players behind me turbo-call 2 bets each (seriously?  I guess they have KK and AA this is AWESOME) and the big blind goes into the tank.  At first I'm happy he's in the tank, then I realize he's been in way too long and is probably going to come out shooting and BOOM he does it, 3 bets no problem.  I cringe and decide there are many combos that make sense (JJ and QT could all play this way so far) and just call.  I then declare "nice hollywood sir" which gets a laugh out of Mr. Lee.  Anyway, the river bricks off like a 5 or something he bets I call the other two players both fold and he shows...JTo.  That's right, the man has freaking jack ten.  In the face of utterly relentless aggression thus far, preflop 3 bets, caps, and calling 4 bets, and flop raises and check/cold-caps, he decided to put the 3 bet in on the flop with one pair (last place, drawing almost stone dead) then on the turn with top pair (useless) and an OESD (the other two players had all four queens, so he actually only had four outs and I was dodging only 6 card in the entire deck).  Chalk up another proof of the "somebody usually has jack ten" theorem, which states "somebody usually has jack ten."

A few hands later I got to take a 5 way flop for 3 bets with AA OTB and literally call the turn card in my head and just get it....the board was QT7r and I said to myself "four of clubs please" and bang, the four of clubs just fell off the deck completing the badugi and Mr. Lee was all proud of himself for check calling three times with AQ.

Next I made a sick read but failed to use it to win $120 bonus dollars.  Hello Kitty opened, a woman (the button from the 99 hand) called, someone else called, and I defended my big blind with A7o (I used to fold stuff like this, but with Hello Kitty opening doing so would be going full retard I think).  Blah blah blah, four ways flop K73dd I have the ace of diamonds.  Hello Kitty bets, the woman calls, a fold, I call.  Turn ace ball I check Hello Kitty bets the other woman raises and I 3-bet.  Hello Kitty folds and then I get the bad news as my remaining opponent four bets.  That's not great...I call, but don't take the right amount of time to hand read but just know that the pot has suddenly gotten huge and then boom the river is a seven and I check because why wouldn't I check and she bets and then I realize she has to have exactly 33.  AA and KK make no sense from the preflop cold-call, and after that I beat everything (even if she has lost her mind with K7s or another A7 or whatever), but honestly 33 is exactly what she has.  But for some reason I don't raise, I just call and immediately feel like an idiot as she shows me 33.  Whoops.

The last hand was pretty amazing also.  I had KK, blah blah blah, 5 or 6 way pot or something absurd after I 3-bet my own big blind, flop 866 I get raised the Jack Ten Idiot calls two cold I 3 bet we're still four ways (decent game that 60 min bet texas) and the turn comes an Ace.  I bet which is probably not correct, the UTG raises folds (seriously, he raised UTG, called a bet then two more on the flop, then folds the ace turn...what did he have?!) and then the flop raiser raises (he has a 6 100% of the time) and the JTI 3 bets!  I snap fold and the flop raiser gets all sad and calls.  JTI now smokes the river and the dealer get all confused but we clear it up and she put out a 3 and now the flop raiser goes into his old "see if I can get him to show me his hand so I can make this hero fold" routine.  JTI declares "I won't show you my hand unless you put one chip in" and so the flop raiser grabs one chip and puts it into the pot, and JTI shows 64dd which of course isn't good the flop raiser has J6s.  The flop raiser now pushes 5 chips back to JTI and the dealer pushes him the entire pot, despite the fact that he NEVER CALLED the last bet.

Somehow I ended up being the one to explain to Jack what happened and he got it correct;  despite the fact that the flop raiser was obviously trying to angle to save 5 chips, he was going to call the bet if he had to.  He had THREE OF A KIND!  So 15 minutes later eventually we got it squared away and I used the entire ordeal as an excuse to book the 75 bet win and call it a day.

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