Monday, July 23, 2012


I don't know how this keeps happening.  It used to be rare for me to go 3 days without an entry, and now every time I turn around my last post is a week old.  Anyway, here's what's been going on with me.  Last week, after a simply torrid streak in which I won something like 300 bets in about 6 days of 40 and 60, I torched of 7 racks playing 1/2 in two days.  That hurt, badly, but I learned a good bit about myself at least the second day.  I came in planning to just take it easy, happy that the whale (who by the way the day before went AWOL for 90 minutes, then came back as they were moving him to my game and demanded a 2/4 game be created FML) wasn't coming in.  But then boom another super fishy guy wanted action and the 1/2 was forming and I just had to sit and the X man just tortured me every hand and boom...I lost 3 racks AND 2 of the 3 fish quit and I just had to get out of there.  But I didn't go, I instead played 60 for 6 hours (the day before I had quit the 1/2 to play 60 also) and managed to do so very well for the entire session.  It was pretty comforting to realize I could move down to a game that, while still quite large, afforded me almost zero chance of getting even and still play well.  Like...I dunno, you just don't see many people do that.

Anyway, after that obliteration I took 3 days off to go water skiing in Yuma.  On the last day, as Danielle and her father were looking for a place to leave the spare key that we somehow had for the house we didn't get to stay in, her truck reported it was 115 degrees.  That's hundred and fifteen.  I personally do not believe it is healthy to subject one's self to such absurd conditions, but I am alone in this camp.  The water in the lake/river we were playing around on also was just retardedly hot, often feeling hot to the touch despite the triple digit air temperatures.  It was just...disgusting.

Now I'm back in the saddle, but somehow I have come down with a cold/flu/respiratory infection of some sort and just made a complete mess of today.  I started off at commerce in the 60, but then made an ill advised trip to the bike (yes, lol, I actually have played there twice now this month) to try and start a must move 40 with two whales who were shut out of the main game.  Obviously this didn't happen AND the commerce 1/2 started within minutes of me walking out the door, so I am, in a word, the worst.  Hopefully the rest of the week will go more smoothly, but honestly I see no reason to believe the trend will be upward.


Unknown said...

It's interesting how daily results (even/ up / down etc') are still a consideration for a strong pro. But they really are, and I am wondering if one should be working hard to stop looking at those results, let alone letting those result affect their play or game selection decisions. Is it even possible for a non-robot human being ?

Unknown said...

Dunno how to get rid of this "Unknown" name - it's me armor anyways.