Monday, July 16, 2012

I Break Games

First of all a comment on my RGR;  sadly, it can be negative, and that could mean that you're either up bets and down dollars (running bad) or up dollars and down bets (running good).  In other words in that case it is rather poorly defined.  And my personal RGR for the year is currently 1.38 (I was surprised by this, as my average stakes played number came in at just a hair under 50/100).  Objectively this makes sense, though, since I have run good and spend almost all my time playing 40 or 60.

So here is what went down at the end of my session today.  The 1/2 was breaking because the reasons to play weren't playing any more, but it was 6:30pm and traffic was just FUBAR so I decided to play 40 for a bit.  There were four games and no board, shouldn't be a problem, right?  Wrong.  First I asked "do you have seats" and was told "yes" so I picked up my chips.  Turns out that was a flat lie, there was no seat, I was first up.  Fine, I waited 10 minutes, got a seat, then realized that they were playing the "move these guys slowly" game with players at my table.  I actually declared to my opponents while waiting to take my blind and eating my chicken and steamed veggies that I might not even post because I thought this game would be a "fart in the wind" inside of 10 minutes.  But I fell for it...they slow moved one guy slowly enough that I posted my blind RIGHT BEFORE they gave him his racks and I literally got to play exactly my big blind and small blind before the game, which keep in mind I had to wait to get into, broke.  Seriously, I didn't even play my button.  And these night time chip runners wonder why I don't tip them...they really do.  So I was somehow third up of 4 with broken game status (not sure how some idiot got behind me) and traffic was still boned so I waited 20 minutes shooting the shit with Dale before playing 2 laps and calling it a day.

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