Thursday, September 22, 2011

[ ] Had It

So I'm playing 20 at commerce and within the first 30 minutes both of these atrocities happened:

I open 88 in the LJ, HJ 3!, button takes 3 to the dome, I call.


I check HJ bets button raises I fold HJ 3! button calls.


HJ bets, button calls


HJ bets, button calls

HJ: "nice hand you got it" and shows 44. Button shows AQdd. IMR...those are actually the hands.

Next up I open the CO with A8hh and the button 3 bets. I call.


I c/r/4. He bet/3/fold. Scout's honor.


AdamStover01 said...

Wait you C/R'd two streets and then 4 bet each time?

Man games in Cali are sick if you can do that with TPNK.

jesse8888 said...

No I c/r/4 the flop and he folded.