Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things I Heard Today

So there is this one regular (I've probably written about him before) at the casino I was at today, and in the course of about 10 minutes he said the following things to a pair of dealers:

"I hate you. I fucking hate you, I really mean it. I fucking hate you"

"I hope you get hit by a truck. I mean that, I hope someone runs you over with a truck"

"Did I get you yet? No? Well hopefully somebody will in the parking lot"

At no point was he kidding or making a joke, and he is a 50 year old or so white American male. It's just flabbergasting what I have to put up with just because a guy is willing to drop 50K a year playing 20/40.


Wacky said...

How does one get away with saying stuff like that in a public cardroom? Is there no human decency anymore?

Hamking said...

Apparently not in LA...

jesse8888 said...

Confirm complete disregard for your fellow man south of Bakersfield.