Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Art of the New Setup

6 players limp and I stick in a raise with 65cc OTB. If back-raised I will cap, but sadly they all just call, saying things like "you're only up against 9 people" to which I respond "hey hey! It's only 8, and that's if you count the dealer!" and "your chances are real good" to which I retort "I'm going to flop it"


To make a long story short I get it capped about 4 ways, with "guy with a set" putting in the donk/3 ying to my raise/cap yang. One time dealah!


Guy with set donks and I get the raise in, 4 ways. River Qc and I still have the nuts. He shows 44, and I drag a tape measure pot.

Very next hand I pick up 99 and get to play a huge pot with chessmaster and some woman. Flop is:


She donks he raises I 3 they call.


They both call


She folds JTss face up, chessmaster calla with J8o and can't believe his misfortune. "How lucky can you get, Jesse?".

One more hand is dealt and I do not win it. I'm still trying to stack my copious winnings when Sam calls for a setup, on the assumption that my reign of terror must be stopped. The setup comes and me and another guy rush off to the bathroom and make it back just in time for me to 3 bet him with AQcc. He caps, 4 ways we go:


That's right, I flopped it. He...donk checks...I bet they all call. Turn:


He check/raises. I 3-bet quickly, he cries and calls headsup.


He donks....I can't play good enough to fold and he shows me KK. The new setup has claimed it's latest victim.

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