Thursday, November 18, 2010


Playing online poker really has taught me that all the vagaries of live poker that troubled me so (losing 4 racks in a day, losing for 2 weeks straight, etc) really were just silly. You can't truly internalize the variance you're dealing with until you put in big volume online and take a look at the shit that happens to you, both good and bad. Here is an example of some of the good, my most recent hands at 2/4.

I mean really, look at this thing. This is 400o hands (over 100 hours of live poker) during which I was simply not permitted to lose a hand. I won 9 bets per 100 while fighting through extremely oppressive rake. Imagine if you were playing live poker twice a week for three hours at a clip and this happened to you for four months. You'd be absolutely hooked for life. Anyway, just wanted to put up a fun graph, cue the doom switch immediately.


Loki9 said...

Woot! All caught up. Started reading your blog a few days ago and just finished. Very entertaining, nice work, thank you. I've even switched to playing limited bet hold'em for the time being. If you ever come east, try the new room at the Parx casino near Philadelphia. No big games going yet, some 15/30, but they are just getting started.

bravos1 said...

Lifetime heater guys learned this eons