Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Perhaps the Most Astounding Thing I Have Ever Seen

I have seen some shit in my life. Yeah yeah, I'm not even 30 (thank goodness) and haven't really been at poker very long, but still I have seen some incredible things. What I am about to show you trumps pretty much all of it. I was playing online when one of my bestest buddies sat down immediately to my right. After playing with him for a few hundred more hands and just sitting slack jawed in awe of his talents, I decided I had to know; I looked him up on PokerTableRatings. I knew I was going to see something awesome. I wasn't prepared for this:

Look at it's smoothness! There are almost no bumps, no dips, nothing whatsoever standing in the way of the direct march to oblivion. To go along with this amazing graph there are some cold, stark numbers. He's played 96K hands and lost $48K, at a rate of over 5 big bets per 100. I once speculated with Pete about just how much the biggest of the big fish in our 20 games lose. We hemmed and hawed, but came to something like consensus that 3 big bets per hour was probably about as much as you could lose. So I got to thinking that this guy isn't even really lose that much, so surely there must be a bigger fish out there, right? Sure enough, my truly bestest friend on all of the internet sat down at my table, reminding me of his existence and forcing me to instantly look him up on PTR. If there are children in the room, you should cover their eyes now:

Behold! I give to you one of the most amazing fish in the history of internet poker. The numbers....213K hands, $87K lost at a rate of nine (9) big bets per 100. The line just...goes...straight...down. What is this guy telling himself? How is he justifying to continue to play? The lion's share of his losses (over $60K) have come at 2/4 and 3/6 limited bet hold them. That is all.


Anonymous said...

I swear to god, Jesse, there are many more who lose at an even more astounding rate.

In addition to very detailed notes, I have virtually all FL players at FTP from 3/6 up to 100/200 categorized, each in one of four levels: WP (winning player - winning anything over 0.1BB/100); LP (losing player - losing between 0.1BB and 3BB/100); BLP ("big" losing player - losing between 3BB and 10BB/100); and HLP ("huge" losing player - losing in excess of 10BB/100).

I think you will find that most of the habitual losers are losing more than 3BB/100.

I've found several who have lost more than 100K playing 2/4 to 5/10 and one kind fella who has donated over 1M (albeit playing mid-stakes FL and NL).

It makes this ol' man feel mighty good to see this shit!


Anonymous said...

one word


Captain R said...

I don't think Analyst would appreciate you posting his lifetime graph. :-)

bellatrix78 said...

wow, 2nd graph: y = -mx

Patrick said...

I have a very special friend who is losing at a rate of 13 BB/100 at 6max games. He usually plays 2/4 and 3/6, but recently I followed him up to 10/20. I obviously got crushed with the Jesus seat.

Danielle said...

@bellatrix :) I think Jesse's right in that you are awesome.

Hamking said...

It's even more shocking to me that a site like PTR exists and yet there's still so many EPIC fish out there like this.

I mean... you'd think if they ever saw their own graph like that, they'd be like... oh, right.. maybe I should play differently??

But I'm guessing these people are just so sick they probably wouldn't even believe their own graph if they saw it