Saturday, November 30, 2013

[x] Gets IT

Today I would like to discuss the concept of "IT" and specifically "getting IT".  What "IT" is is very amorphous, mercurial, and in many cases simply unknowable.  In fact, it is actually impossible to define "IT" alone, and rather I find it only possible to see when people "get IT" for themselves.  I do not "get IT", and neither do most of the people I know.  In order to "get IT" you need to be truly happy, prioritize the things that matter to you, and in general understand what you're trying to accomplish in this world.  At a minimum.  Of all my friends, I'd say Pete is the closest to "getting IT", although there are some others who are definitely close.  Juice really seems to "get IT", as does Leo.

Every once in a while I hear a song or see something that makes me thing someone "gets IT".  Mike Tomlin?  I thought he "got IT", but turns out he's just a fucking asshole who seriously thinks we are going to buy he wasn't trying to interfere with that kick return.  Macklemore, however?  I think he may "get IT".  I have been listening to While Walls and absolutely love it for some reason, even though the lyrics aren't relevant and the song is itself seems kind of annoying.

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Captain R said...

More important than getting IT, is getting SOME.