Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I've spent the last month finishing searching my soul for what I should do next and preparing to do it.  Specifically I have decided that I am in fact going to re-launch my software engineering career, and that involves an awful lot of studying for interviews.  The thing about software engineering is that it's pretty well-known what is and isn't fair game to expect a candidate to know in an interview, and (likely similar to many other professions) the ability to answer those questions well doesn't map precisely to ability to perform the job. I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes, but right now we're just about to "go live" and actually start applying to jobs full force.

The most important matter of the day, however, is the Pirates game.  I cannot recall a situation where a fan base needed a win in a single game so desperately.  They have been so bad, so very bad, for so very long, I've read articles about the "lost generation" of Pirates fans, people born just a few years after me who cannot even remember them ever being relevant.  Tonight though?  We will raise the Jolly Roger!


armor said...

I highly recommend that you read Joel Spolsky "guerilla guide to interviewing", unless you already did so. There are two versions of this article on his sure, older one is much better IMO

armor said...

His site, I meant

spectorjon said...

One thing you can firmly say - you created a remarkable document showing what it actually looks like to play poker for a living. I don't know of anything on the internet that rivals its scope.

And a question - reading this thing, it seems like poker stopped being fun for you around the time you moved to LA, in part because the people in LA were so much more intolerable. How big of a factor do you think that was?