Thursday, October 17, 2013


That's right, I have gotten some. Well, not officially yet, it's kind of weird, apparently in the real world they tell you they're going to make you an offer before they actually make you a verbal offer, and then they want you to accept the verbal offer before they make you an actual offer, which is all kind of strange but makes sense I suppose.

Anyway, I'm still unemployed, but I am for sure not unemployable, and for that I am truly blessed. My lady said it best to me today (I'll paraphrase) when I was sort of flipping out over actually facing the possibility of CHOOSING BETWEEN JOBS while taking a break from the UCI Career Fair.

"Remember when you decided to play poker, and you said that your MIT degrees would help you get back into the industry if you wanted to?  Well it worked, perfectly in fact.  So calm down.  Every single kid in there is trying to become you.  You did it."

I did it rather the hard way, but one way or another I'm going to be reporting to a desk sometime in the very near future.


armor said...

I like the employ-ability thing. Makes me want to quit my job for a year, play poker, relax and have fun. Then come back to 9-to-5 routine again.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

A year is about as long as it will be enjoyable, tops.