Sunday, August 11, 2013

O'Dell Lake - Prelude with LD's Greatness

I was going to write a post (in fact I basically did) about LD's continued greatness, but it seems like this will be more fun.  To summarize, however, she limped in with the ace and the six, double suited, then called two more bets cold sandwiched between my ace ten and RU's, well whatever RU 3-bet the small blind with.  The flop cam T93cc and she again decided to call one bet then two more, then the turn came the king of clubs and RU screw played me (what an awful bet on my part...once he three bets the flop and checks THAT turn my best case scenario is he has a scared QQ/JJ and is just calling me and I am behind, but megafish with literally any two cards really blur up the picture sometimes) so she peeled off two more bets because obviously she had the ace of clubs (I actually folded here nice hand jesse) and she binked him on the river.  He probably had a set, but may have actually had QJ with a club or two, who knows.  Anyway....well, naw I'll write two posts.

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