Monday, August 5, 2013

In Which I Tell Tales of the SK

Back on the grind at commerce means more amazing hand reports until I get sick of posting them.

Hand 1 - Jesse Plays Like MikeL

Someone opens the gun, Hello Kitty calls, three or four more people call, Jesse calls the big blind with the K8hh.  Flop:


SB checks, Jesse donks.  Preflop raiser folds, Hello Kitty turbo calls, all fold except button who is a megafish and can have anything.

Jesse checks dark.  Trust me, I have seen this movie before.  It is not a good one for our illustrious hero.


Hello Kitty looks annoyed and bets, button calls, Jesse takes a minute to consider the insane thing he is about to do (something he's trying to do more) and....folds.


She bets, he calls, she has the South African (54s) for the flopped triples with expert smoov call on the flop.  Jesse cringes, Hello Kitty drags the pot.

Hand 2 - The SK Busts a Move

Maniac opens the gun, folds around to the SK who defends his big blind.  Then this happens:

SK bets dark.
Maniac raises dark.
The flop is revealed to be JT4
SK folds, and while doing so shows a 5.
The maniac takes delivery of the pot, and while doing so shows another 5.
General catcalling and whistling ensues.

I am not sure what chapter of SK's book will explain the details of this maneuver, but I do hope it's at least one of the English ones :)

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