Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Random Musings

Even for me this one is probably going to be pretty disjointed.  Here we go.

Aruba was fun, but I completely understand why nobody really goes there from California.  Other than being a little bit cheaper and with seemingly a little better food, Hawaii really is just a better way to go from here.  You don't have to leave the country.  The weather is better.  The flights are way shorter and way cheaper.  Like I said I had a great time, but objectively if you're coming from the left coast just go west young man!  There were only about 70 people at the wedding, and nearly half of them were my fraternity brothers and their dates.  It turns out the guy getting married is one of the more hidden pieces of glue that holds us all together, reaching down to my class and all the way up to a good number of guys who graduated before or right when I arrived.   So that was pretty fun.

Flying really does suck.  Danielle hates it, and I usually don't understand her beef but this time on the way back I was pretty miserable.  The dude in the middle was just too big and we kept bumping each other and the temperature was wrong and we sat on the runway and I still think I have a headache from the fumes and it was just kind of shitty. And that flight from Miami STARTED about 7 hours after we left our hotel.  We did discover valet parking at the airport, which is pretty awesome.  The dude just picks you up IN YOUR CAR and takes a shuttle back to his office after giving it to you.  A little more expensive, but at 11:15pm when you've been traveling since 9am local time saving 30 minutes is worth...well...a lot.

Swimming....yikes.  I snorkeled three times in Aruba and did one of them without gear (just racing goggles, probably swam a mile or so) but I have regressed a fair bit.  I should still be OK, but it's not gonna be easy.

WSOP....It's here and shit!  I am going to avoid backing people this year, although I sure am tempted to get a piece of professor ben as I say this.

Records that likely will never be broken....In my time as a swimmer I had occasion to set some team, pool, and meet records.  I bet a lot of them still stand to this day, but honestly I have no idea.  My high school ones probably do, since we sucked.  My YMCA got torn down so those don't really count.  And the pool and meet ones who really knows.  I think I hold (or likely am tied for) the record for times quitting the MIT swim team.  I gave up twice, and I doubt anyone has ever quit three times.  Sort of like the dude who threw back to back no hitters;  I mean really, is anyone ever going to throw three?  Today I lapped a load of Danielle's laundry for a second time.  The stuff she did has been sitting in the dryer for close to two weeks I think, and I have done two full cycles as it's been just hanging out.  Lapping a load of laundry three times seems impossible.

My cat...she is upset we were gone for so long but is in super duper lovey dovey mode.  She actually purred the entire time I brushed her this morning (something I have done like exactly once, ever, before today) and is hoarse from meowing so much.  As an aside I brushed her wearing only my last pair of clean boxers, which demonstrates just an unimaginable lack of foresight.

I am working on a theory of readiness, where by some people actually become unready for an activity simply by way of time being allowed to pass (for example, in the car on the way to an event).  I saw this happen with some of my friends this weekend, and I think it is worth exploring.

That is all.  No poker content.  None :)


Private Joker said...

Switch to boxer-briefs. Your life will change forever in the best possible way.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

Good lord no those things are the devil's work.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

And would have still been covered with cat fur in this instance.