Monday, December 17, 2012

These Things Are Actually Happening

Danielle is downstairs right now cheering her head off for the Niners to keep pummeling the Patriots.  The score on her TV is 31-3.  I don't know how on Earth she managed not to find out what happened in the game (it went final about 26 hours ago), or why she would ever root for the team that stands between her Packers and a first round bye.  I simply don't have answers to these questions, but I'm about to go watch the score tie up at 31 all.

I received a check today for two cents from my health care provider.  That's right, due to the affordable health care act they have to refund any money they don't spend out of a certain percentage of all the premiums they take in.  So the federal government passed a law to make my health insurance cheaper, and because of that 4 sheets of paper and a stamp were used to send me a check for two cents. Seriously.

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Jesse Smithnosky said...

I cannot believe this happened but I went downstairs to watch however the fuck Brady led the 28 point comeback only to blow the game and still lose and she'd turned off the TV and was outside walking the dogs. I think she gave up. You can't make this stuff up!