Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fun Hands

Here are some sorta fun hands from the last two days.  They are mostly simply, but I enjoyed them.

Hand 1

MP opens and I 3 bet kings in the small blind.  The big blind folds, head up.


I bet and he snap raises.  I call.  The turn is a card with pips on it and I check/call.  The river is another card with pips on it and I bet to fold if raised.  He gets very agitated, asks if I have the ace, then eventually calls and mucks when he sees my hand.  This is how you beat live players.

Hand 2

A bunch of people are in the pot and there is a raise.  The button calls, and I 3-bet kings from the small blind.  We see the flop about 5 ways or so.  It is


I bet, there is a call or two, and the button calls.  I prepare to hit the jackpot.


I check, it checks to the button, he bets, I call, one other player calls.


We check to the button, he bets, I fold, the other player folds, and the button shows ATo for the two clean shots at one out for me to win $29k.  Merry Christmas indeed that would have been.

Hand 3

There is some action and I raise with AQ and someone calls behind me.  The board runs out A93r-Ar-2 and I bet every street, getting two calls on the flop, one on the turn (whilst other people are declaring "one more ace" and "bring the clipboard"), and...one on the river.  As I'm about to table my hand the most lovable regular of all time declares "I got him with the South African" and looks at the South African man for approval of his play of the 54.   I scan the board quickly and declare "NO!!!! Not the South African!" while showing the triple aces.  He tables the 54 and takes the money.  A good laugh is had by all.

Hand 4

The fish who got me barred from the bike opens, another weak player calls and I call on the button with KJo because they are terrible the blinds are not great and I have the button and perhaps some ego issues.  I mean really, if I can't play this hand profitably from the button against these guys with these ranges, I should look for another line of work.  Maybe.


That's pretty good.  What's better is that all 4 of them check, so I bet, and most of them call.  At this point I start thinking about how swell it would be to bonk a king now that I have the opener reverse dominated.


I cringe because the South African is in the pot and he could be holding the South African but after the three checks I bet again.  He folds (blessedly) and the opener and the most lovable regular of all time both call again.  Time to make gin!


And he donks.  The most lovable regular of all time folds, I raise, and he...three bets!  I remove my headphones and go into the tank.  Deeeeeep, into the tank.  Then I realize that absolutely no hand makes any sense whatsoever, but from that draw the wrong conclusion.  I just got 3-bet on the river and hold only the 7th nuts.  Raising again is out of the question.  But that's exactly what I do.  He just calls and shows me the triple 6s for the extreme expert slow play.


Wacky said...

Why is the 54 called the South African? I've never heard it called that before.

Anonymous said...

Was that one single pot worth 29k? You never stated what limit these hands took place in...also I would love to play on the same table as you some day, even if it means me losing my ass, but I don't know who you are, post a picture?

avoidthe9to5 said...

54s is south african slick because the south african regular always plays it.

Wacky said...

Ok, I get it. Kind of like how we call QT Oceans-11 aces at Oceans-11, since QT never loses.

armor said...

29k is jackpot amount at that time.

The hand with pips cards - do you ever donk the turn ?

Jesse Smithnosky said...

Yeah I'm maybe supposed to donk the turn but that's no way to get the guy to put in 2 full bets. I want him to give me both of them. He claimed queens.

And these hands were mostly 40/80. $29k would have been my big end of a $58k jakcpot. Let's not get carried away here, $29k pots don't really exist :)