Saturday, September 22, 2012

Are You A Wizard?

Tight by local standards reg opens, whale calls, Villain calls SB, I call BB four ways.


Check check opener bets whale folds villain peels not closing the action with me behind. I fold.


Check check.


Villain bets opener calls villain shows Kc4d to win. Next....

Whale limps EP villain raises HJ CO calls button 3 bets BB calls whale calls villain caps five ways.


Two checks villain bets co folds button raises two folds villain three bets button calls.


Villain bets button calls


Same action. Villain shows 86cc for the win. The game we are playing is 60/120 and villain is, by all other accounts, a winning young white professional. I mean, you have to be fucking kidding me, right? This guy won online? This guy is in the Medium Bob and 8-mile plan of support a family from the east coast by playing here? Really? Even if you could convince me that his plays are correct (and you can't you just can't) doing that shit would have to lead to 1000 big bet swings, right? Yet there he sits, check raising 3rd pair 4 ways and Donking 43 from the SB into a 6 way raised pot on Q42 and winning while I lose 60 bets running into his kings every single fucking hand.


armor said...

I very much share your feelings as I often play with another, otherwise strong 2p2er who makes similar 'moves' and happens to run good. Over last 6 months, at least.

Wacky said...

fQuit talking about me armor. Like I said, I am on the positive side of the distribution curve when it comes to luck.

Dhani said...

If you decide to quit poker, stand up comedy could be another option.

armor said...

And not only that...

Jesse Smithnosky said...

The more I've thought about the 86cc hand the more I could be convinced it actually sort of makes a little bit of sense. I mean, the pot got massive and if he honestly believed his opponent was capable of folding any one pair hand he raised on the flop (or even some no pair hands, like QJ or some other such idiocy) obviously it made sense to fire in another 2.5 big bets with 7% equity in a pot that was like what 14 big bets already? But the K4o hand is pretty indefensible.

east coast player said...

Is this Joe the jeweler your referring about?