Friday, January 13, 2012

That Guy is Such a Fish

So yesterday was a glorious day of texas poker (today was basically the complete opposite, with me spraying off some large number of bets I have no yet calculated, but I'm going to try to write this post from the positive light of "this morning" and not "now"). I got myself buried pretty good (as is my custom of late) and then went on a stunning heater, winning basically every chip on the table, mostly while the live one was off playing black jack. It was just great. The hand that made me quit, however, was not one of my finer moments. It folded to this random girl on the button and she opened. She'd been very active preflop during the 30 minutes that we had shared space in the universe, including taking three to the face with big gamble (four deuce suited), so I decided pretty quickly to 3 bet with the A4cc. Some people will tell you this is an auto 3-bet, and others will cringe in horror at my hideousness, and IMHO the real answer is "it depends". Anyway she just called and the flop came down:


LOL, yeah, that actually happened. So I bet and she raised and this little voice said to my brain "She never has it!" and so I 3-bet and she just called. At this point I was happy that she was about to call me down with pocket sevens. The turn came:


Which was fine until she raised me, at which point I immediately realized I was in deep shit but also could not fold; I had 15 outs to chop with a hand as strong as Ace Ten, not to mention three more to win. And since I had been employing the tried and true spray and pray strategy I was getting some absurd price, like 9:1, so my chips went into the pot without really a second thought. And that's the important part to note here; I didn't take so much as a second to think about how I wanted to handle the river. To be honest it didn't really matter much because there weren't many interesting cards, but that should have made the task even simpler. I should have known what I'd do if the river came:


So I donked and she turbo raised. Like she didn't pause, she didn't think, she just whipped 16 chips into the pot as fast as she could. I cringed expecting to see exactly pocket 3s (I'm serious, that's the hand I'm afraid of here) but dutifully put the 14th bet into the pot and she showed me...AK. Just the ace and the king, top pair top kicker. I grimaced and showed my hand for what had to be one of the dirtier beats I'd laid on anyone in a while, and immediately stood up to get racks.


Doug Lonsinger said...
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DosXX said...

If they never have it why would you 3bet?