Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 Results

So right now I'm waiting for the Steelers playoff game to start, or more accurately I'm waiting to start watching it so I won't have to deal with the commercials during the game. Kind of irritating, but I just don't enjoy watching games with commercials anymore. I'm spoiled. Anyway, here we go....I've got a couple of conflicting issues here regarding posting my results. I know a lot of people want to see them, and I know that a large part of the reason my blog has been so successful is that I've been very open and honest during this entire 3.5 year experience. So I am going to report some numbers, but will hopefully end up leaving a little bit to the imagination.

The first thing that becomes apparent when looking at my results is that I need to play as much 40 as possible and start treating 20/40 games as merely something to do while waiting to get into larger ones. It was a pretty big surprise to me, but I actually played more hours below 40/80 than I did at or above it for the year (counting some 15/30 and 25/50 from the Bike and Hustler, and the 30 game at HG). If I were to have guessed, I'd have said 65% of my hours were 40/80 (or higher, although that's a very small number), and to be frank I'd have been WAY off. I kind of forgot that I didn't really play much 40 the first 3 months of the year, and even up through Halloween I was routinely logging 4 hours of OT 20/40, opting out of the tougher prop filled 40 games I had access to. So there is that, which is a little surprising. Then there are the total numbers, which are striking; I won more bets per hour in the 40 (and above) than I did in smaller games. And it wasn't particularly close. What are the reasons for that? Well, some of it could be run good/run bad. Some of it could be game selection (a lot of my 20 hours weren't played because I was in an amazing game, but rather because the 40 games I had access to simply weren't that great). And some of it could, sadly, be tending to play 40/80 earlier in the day (when I'm fresh) and grinding out longer 20 sessions at night (when I'm tired and likely making mistakes). The net effect is that while I spent over half my time playing "smaller" games, bigger games produced over 3/4ths of my profit for the year. So what does this mean? No more 20/40.

For the total year I won .65 bets per hour across all LHE games. The number creeps up to .72 if you remove "very small" games (anything below 20/40, which basically includes some horrendous results in the bike 15/30 that no longer exists, and also dusting off a rack or so in various 8/16 games for almost no reason at all). Given the volume I put in and the utter lack of table selection that most of my life entails, I am thrilled with this result. On top of all that, I was able to take home wages and rewards cards dollars averaging over $2500/month. So in short, the year was a raging success, despite finishing December with the worst down swing of my entire life.

If you have any questions about my results, please feel free to post a comment here or contact me via some other messaging format. I'm always happy to share. But for now, it's time to watch the first ever nationally televised Jesus-Ectomy.


AdamStover01 said...

I bleed with you, brother.

Shitshow of a game.

jesse8888 said...

Piss poor failed abortion is my phrase of choice.

VBCurtis said...

Re: no more 20/40:
Consider the alternatives to those 20 hours you put in after your shift. You can autopilot that game and make a couple mistakes and make $25/hr; or you can play 40 for your 8th and 9th hours or elect to go home. Are you convinced you'd make more than $25/hr in 40 while tired?
You don't have enough hours to try to isolate the OT-tired effect, but I suggest 20 may not be a poor use of your time in all cases.

jesse8888 said...

The lack of a good alternative was the reason I played a bunch of the overtime hours, but there were other reasons the 20 hours piled up. I'd go to commerce on a Saturday and not sit in the 40. Or I'd step foot in Hawaiian Gardens (always a mistake).

My current plan (which I have declared as the plan before but have never been able to stick to) is to stop logging OT after my shift and simply leave the building. I've been playing there tons the last few months trying to help out, but am now getting some push back from other props that are losing out on game time because of me. That coupled with the fact that I'm still getting jerked off regarding full time status and these results should be enough to get me off my ass and over to LA's Friendliest at least a few days a week.

armor35 said...

Jesse, if you'd stay on your software engineering carreer track, how your current poker income would compare to what you'd be making by writing code ?