Saturday, November 5, 2011

Random But Hilarious

DosEquis just sent me this and it is glorious. I'm not sure if I actually agree with all of it, but the comedy factor is off the charts.


Eric said...
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Dave said...

I don't want to hijack your blog for political reasons, but I will point out a few things:

1) This was written years ago, in a reaction to the backlash to the financial collapse and bailouts, not in response to Occupy Wall Street.

2) The douchebag who wrote this and others who agree with him will most definitely not be working 17 hours a day for $85K a year. They work that hard (or so they claim) for millions of dollars and to show to their friends how brilliant and rich they are. Take away those incentives and suddenly they won't be so motivated. And the people who do they jobs they think they can take do it for reasons other than money - there's no way this a-hole could teach 3rd grade for $30K a year. Would never happen.

3) His whole trickle-down theory is moronic. If they're not skimming off the top of every transaction, or conjuring phantom value out of thin air, and profiting from it, it's more for the rest of us. Yes, your money is our money. Give it back.

4) I'm particularly fond of the person who liked this so much that he printed it out and took a blurry picture of it. Seems like a pretty poor use of technology. (If it's supposed to be an OWS tweak, why not try something original?)

Ok, I'm done now. I promise.