Saturday, October 3, 2009

Live Action Blogging

This hand just happened in the Garden City 20/40. We're 4 handed and Doug the prop opens on the button. I defend J7o in the big blind. This is probably a breakeven play but I can't let him just take my blinds 4 handed...we played a huge pot half an hour ago where I turned top two with K9 against his K8 two pair with a 3rd player drawing dead to the river. He's probably still mad that I 3-outted him.


Middle pair. I can work with this. I check raise and he calls only. On the turn he will likely raise or fold.


Gin! I bet and he hollywoods a minute and raises. I 3-bet without much delay and now the funny shit starts hitting the fan. First, he moves his sunglasses to his forehead, then:

"He could be bluffing....I call"

At this point I'm SURE he has AA or KK and is making a crying call down. The river brings an ace of clubs, completing a backdoor flush. I bet anyway and he tanks. He hems and haws and says:

"Well, I can beat a bluff"

And calls. I table what by my reckoning is the 3rd nuts. More action goes in with any boat, so really Q7 and K7 are it. MAYBE his testicles shriveled up with 44, but even for a prop that's unlikely.

"Or that. I can beat that" is what I hear as Q7s flys forth.

"Wow" I say. "You started slow rolling me on the turn!" The table laughs and I smooth it over with a nice hand nice hand and we have a little laugh. But I mean seriously....

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