Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Textual Exchange

Some people will get this and it will be very funny. Most of you will not, however, and for that I apologize. In an attempt to make it funny for you, I can provide a triplet of true facts.

1. MitchL kills the mid to nose-bleed stakes games online. Until a month or so ago he also devastated the 30/60 at the Oaks, but has lamented "Had I never stepped foot inside the Oaks, I'd probably be better off." This is paraphrased but I doubt he'd fight me on it.

2. A month or so ago MitchL moved to North Carolina.

3. MitchL advocates limping Queen Seven suited on the button after 3 limpers "like it's your job."

And now I bring you an exchange of text messages between Pete and I this afternoon, annotated only with hyperlinks and the removal of the fishes name (apparently more than one person has showed up at the Oaks asking for "Jesse the pro who blogs about the game" or some such. Seriously please don't do that).

Jesse: Sgoe is still kickin

Pete: be honest. you paid MitchL $5K to move to NC, right?

Jesse: Just 2

(8 minutes elapse)

Jesse: 3 limps I limp Q7s (and pour one out for my homey mitchL) and we flop KhQhQd. I raise and $NAME calls. Bettor mucks lol. Turn Th $NAME executes donk of death after a pause. I call. Tc she c/c I point to the east for my boy.

Pete: If mitch were still here you would've chopped with him obv.

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