Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Monstrosity of a Hand

I'm playing the Oaks 30/60 game and basically the entire table has temporarily lost it's mind. Now usually this game is far from tight, but the last dozen hands things like "7 ways for the cap" have been uttered by the dealer with alarming frequency. And this is how I set about limping 97 UTG. I didn't really want to do it, but when all the pots are 6 handed or more, you really have no choice. So I limp in, somebody calls, and bdaddy jacks it up. Elvis calls 2 cold, somebody else probably does two, a horrible player in seat 1 does as well, and then the table's big fish makes it 3-bets from the small blind. The big blind probably called, I really don't know, I call the two more and say to bdaddy "I should have just capped it" to which he responds "but you wanted to see if I would" to which I respond "well not really...what wouldn't you cap?" and he just kind of chuckles. 7 ways to the flop for 28 small bets.


The small blind leads and I just call. So does everyone else....I think somebody may actually have folded (lol what on Earth could you fold? Every card in the deck is an over, a pair, or part of a straight draw) and we see the turn for just one bet. Come to think of it I probably should have raised, but the flush draw really de-values my hand. Anyway

653 -8

Yahtzee! Ray leads again and I have a problem....The way the table is playing, there is a large chance somebody (bdaddy specifically) was waiting to the turn to raise his big pocket pair in an effort to face the field with 2 bets cold and perhaps somehow win this thing with one pair. If I just call, I will get to 3-bet (and turn my hand face up) a lot of the time. But the pot is huge, and these guys are calling with almost anything, so I just raise. Then...it happens. Bdaddy declares "3 bets" and unleashes 18 chips into the pot. Then Elvis calls 3 cold all in. The fish in seat 1? Calls 3 cold and has more chips left. The small blind takes the hint and folds, and I of course cap my nuts. Bdaddy looks at me quizzically. I found out later he was considering the merits of a 5-bet, were it allowed. He calls, as does seat 1, and we see the river of:

653 -8 - 2

My nut hand intact, I bet. Bdaddy calls, the fish in seat 1 folds, and I show the goods. Bdaddy flashes pocket 8s as he and Elvis are mucking. And that, my friends, is how you roll at the Oaks.


pdscjr said...

double gutters rule

jesse8888 said...

This was like double-gutter over ended. Pretty sweat and well disguised hand IMO.