Monday, July 13, 2009

Redonkulous Hand

I played about 7 hours today in the Oaks 30/6o game. Early in the session, this happened.

A crazy Asian lady (CAL) open limps under the gun. She's been playing about 70% of her hands, and recently was "caught" open raising 98o in pretty early position (another player cold called and I 3-bet with AQo because I knew full well I had them both crushed...I got some funny looks from the cold-caller, who sorta has a clue sometimes maybe, and just winked back). Reza, a regular player, god bless his heart, folds. The aforementioned cold-caller raises in the two seat, and the next two players cold call. I look down at the 66 in the high jack and call the two bets, as we're looking at what one might consider a "multiway" pot. The high jack calls, and Al (a large older black man who often plays the 20 and 40 at Bay 101) calls on the button, both blinds call, and CAL calls and all of a sudden we've got ourselves a little 9 way raised pot going on up in Emeryville. One time dealer!

Qd 9d 6c

Yahtzee! The blinds check and CAL donks right into the preflop raiser, who is next to act....this is simply absurd, and probably means she a pair. But who knows, she's bad enough that it could be anything. The preflop raiser mucks, saying "I should call, but this is gonna get very expensive." A dude calls, another dude (dude b) calls, I raise, the cutoff 3 bets, and Al caps it on the button. Al is a pretty passive player, and is not one to put in a bunch of action lightly. His cap is serious business, meaning he has at least two pair or a strong draw (either a flush draw or maybe even some sort of combo draw). Crazy Asian lady calls (duh), dude A calls, dude b folds, I call, and the cutoff calls. That's 39 small bets for those of you keeping score in the audience, and I have a set.

Qd 9d 6c - 4d

This is where things go a little weird. You see, there are still 5 people with hands, and I'm 3rd to act. My hand is actually still pretty well disguised, as all I did on the flop was raise one time, then call two bets back to me getting like 19:1. I could have just about anything. The first two players (crazy asian lady and dude a) both check, and I...wimp out and bet. I probably should have gone for a check/raise here, as Al probably has two pair back there on the button, but this turn checking around would qualify as a natural disaster, fully deserving of FEMA support items being shipped to my seat. At least 3 of them call, perhaps 4, I honestly don't remember. The whole time I was just praying toe dealer to one time throw another 4 out there.

Qd 9d 6c - 4d - Ts

And Crazy Asian Lady turbo donks. Like, I haven't even fully seen the card yet and she'd slid 6 chips into the freaking pot. Dude A makes a bit of a scene before mucking, and a horrific card flips over as he does so....the Ten of Clubs. Why is this horrific, you ask? Well, crazy asian lady has one of two things; a straight, which I can't beat, or two pair, which I can. But if she has two pairs, one of them is tens, by simple deductive logic. So seeing that ten definitely qualifies as more bad joojy. I just call, and Al, on the button, goes into the tank before eventually folding, while I continue calmly accepting the fact that I not only loused the hand up, but also lost it. I'm following Tommy Angelo's advice here, making a plan for how I'm going to react (for once, perhaps, not poorly), when crazy asian lady quickly says "Top Two?" and rolls QT. I am stunned and can only respond "nope" and table my set. Victory!


Hamking said...

Ship it one time!!
Haha.. nh sir.

Hamking said...

btw.. Thanks for recommending Tommy's book. Finally picked up a copy. It seems like it's got everything I've been missing with my poker game. I like it a lot so far.

I guess I'll see where it takes my game. :)

Dave said...

Every time I read your blog, it reminds me that I don't know anything about poker, especially limit. So, let me ask a possibly dumb question - why didn't you think that anyone had a flush here?

Wacky said...

Anyone with a flush would have raised the turn. The river bettor was making a very thin value bet/bluff hoping that Jesse only had something like top pair good kicker, i.e. KQ or AQ, with a singleton diamond.

Jesse turn lead in is actually pretty strong given the action on the flop and it's the third diamond, but I actually think this is the correct play, as there is no guarantee that the CO or the button is going to bet, particularly if they are the type of player to freeze up once a "scare" card hits.

I think you played this hand pretty well in my opinion.

jesse8888 said...

Wow. I went through all that trouble to post the hand, and I messed it up. The turn was not actually a 3rd diamond. It was an offsuit card. That, Dave, is why I didn't think anybody has a flush.

As Wacky said, had it been a 3rd diamond, I think I would have played the hand perfectly. Given that it wasn't, I think a c/r on the turn is probably better.

DK said...

Great blog Jesse!
Question: Why not cap the flop to get that extra small bet for those players still in the hand who peel lightly to pick up a draw or hit their gutshot?

jesse8888 said...

The cap here is only 4 bets.