Monday, July 13, 2009

Post From Two Plus Two

I made this post on 2 plus 2, and it turned out well enough that I decided I could just put it up here in full. So here you go:

Live 30/60 game that is full to the brim with 10 asses in 10 seats. Regular named Rich opens UTG. Literally under the gun in a 10 handed game. Dude is not a nit by any means, but opening up in this position is showing some strenf. I 3 bet the Jack and the Jack of the something or other UTG+1. Because it is live 30/60 and this is where they respect your raises, only two players call the 3 bets cold. One of them is a regular named Rod who is not overtly insane, the other is a Crazy Asian Lady wearing an Ed Hardy hat about which the same cannot be said.

At this point I set about my customary 5 seconds of hand reading before the flop comes out (the blinds are taking their time to fold, and then Rich calls my bet). Crazy Asian Lady is not worth the effort...50% of all holdings will do for her. Rod is worth a shot though...what do people call 3 cold with? Well he could have AK....people do that. He could probably also have something silly like AQ. And people love to make the gamboool with the suited broad ways. That's possible. And the 3 to the face bread and butter, 77-JJ. OK, so...sure, he's got a hand, carrying on....

665 with two red pointy things
. Rich checks and I bet my nuts. Rod...raises. Looking like we're right in the bread and butter section, 77-TT. I have you now (said in Darth Vader voice while acquiring missile lock)! Crazy Asian Lady still has cards and it's not the turn yet, so she calls. Rich mucks and I 3-bet. They both just call and I start looking at my stack to see where I'm gonna fit all these chips...we're going to need a serious expansion on the west wing, or maybe we'll just go ahead and file for the permits to add a second level.

665-T with four red cards now, two curvy two pointy

My hand reading skills are so excellent (and why would they not be) that I now have a slight concern. What if he has the Ten and the Ten? Bah, hogwash! I bet. Rod raises and Crazy Asian Lady, having fulfilled her responsibility to see every single turn, now folds, satisfied that her Q8 or whatever just isn't going to get there....this time. Into the tank I go. Odds on the call down are 16:2, and immediate odds right now are (you guessed it) 15:1. Any sane human has me beat here, but that's where shit starts to break down. This man called 3 cold. Who does that? The whole "sane human" assumption should have gone right out the window right then and there. Why did I waste time trying to read this guy's hand? I could have used those brain cells for something useful, like thinking of something witty to text to Captain R about his busted ass motorcycle. But no! I sat there for fully 10 seconds thinking about what the brain behind that smug ass grin would instruct it's hands to call an UTG+1 3 bettor with. At this point I'm just pissed off and don't know what to do, so I revert to the basics....big pot me has pair me call.


LOL OK OK, nice hand sir. The gods of poker seem to think you deserve the full $120 for your expert slow play, and who am I, but a humble servant, to deny their wishes. I call. What's that you have?



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