Monday, September 22, 2008

Reports of my death were mildly exaggerated

Only mildly though. Without the usual apology, here's what's been going on:

10-Sep 20/40 Limit Bay 101 -1405
11-Sep 20/40 Limit Bay 101 1669
12-Sep 6/12 Limit Bay 101 -30
12-Sep 20/40 Limit Bay 101 -2984
13-Sep 20/40 Limit Bay 101 -116
14-Sep 15/30 Limit Ajs 143
14-Sep SNG Ajs -40
17-Sep 20/40 Limit Foxwoods 1147
17-Sep SNG Foxwoods -120
18-Sep 20/40 Limit Foxwoods 325
18-Sep 10/20 Limit Foxwoods -226
22-Sep 6/12 Limit Bay 101 146
22-Sep 20/40 Limit Bay 101 2727

The mathematically inclined reader can quickly deduce that in about the last two weeks I have only won 1200 dollars, and that I won 2900 of those today. Holy moly.

The real reason this post is so delayed is that I wasn't willing to write down my intention, in stone, to continue playing live poker for another 2 months until after I got back from my trip to Boston. The only thing I've really figured out so far is that 6 weeks wasn't long enough to make a decision, so I decided to give myself 8 more. So far it's been going fine, but the 3 vacations (Reno, during which I played, water skiing, during which I didn't, and Boston, during which I did) totaling over 2 weeks of time, coupled with moving to a new apartment really didn't let me get as good of a feel for this as I would have liked.

As you can see, I suffered a massive roller coaster ride over the last 2 weeks. The 3000 dollar loss last Friday (on the last official day of my 6 week shot) was over whelming. I had never lost that much before, and didn't really handle it very well. I learned from it though and got right back on the horse the next day. Shortly after that I took a trip to Boston and played for 2 days at Foxwoods, which greatly increased my confidence. Then just today, on my first full day back in the bay area, I booked my largest single day win ever.

I'll try to write more tomorrow when all my brain cells are back up and running. To anyone left reading, thanks for sticking with me :)


TiocfaidhArLa said...

They reckon that it takes 50,000 to know if you're a winner, so the inevitable swings will be rough. I make it about $200 / day over your small sample size, or $45,000 / yr.

In theory, things will only get better with experience, so I hope that you are on track. The big question will be do you enjoy the lifestyle/grind.

Good luck! Inspire us!

Dave said...

Seriously, man, what am I supposed to read at work when you're not writing?