Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Catching Up

I've been out of town water skiing at New Melones Lake for the last 6 days with my friend Chris, my ex-girlfriend/friend/possibly future girlfriend again Danielle, and her father, Dan. The trip was fantastic and pictures will be posted eventually. The trip by numbers:

Beers consumed: 108
Shoulders dislocated (Dan's, not mine): 1
Shoulders reduced in the truck ride to the ER, thus avoiding arrival at the ER: 1
Times my friend Chris said "you can't pee there": 2
Times I actually moved: 1
Pounds of Ice used to keep our food cold: ~300
Pairs of my sunglasses Chris lost: 1
Pairs of Chris's sunglasses I dropped in the lake: 1

Back to the pokers....

Before I left last Wednesday I played one last session at Bay 101. For a while it looked like I might actually lose some money, but I ended up posting a ~300 dollar win capped off by the following hand:

I raise AQ both hearts and some people call.

448 with two hearts

It's checked to me and I bet. Two players call maybe.

Heart hits on the turn.

A guy donk bets and I raise him. He 3-bets and I tank. He says "flush good?" and I decide to just call. He bets the blank river and I again just call. He tables KJo with the King of hearts for...king high. Turns out 4 was the most bets I could get out of him anyway, so it worked out well, but wow....he put in 4 bets heads up with a flush draw, one of them on the river!

Final Results for week 4

In just 16 hours of play (over 4 days) I managed to win almost 3800 dollars. As previously stated, I ran like God on a scooter. The last two weeks have been dicey in terms of total hours played, since I took the Reno trip (and opted to sit in my winnings and actually enjoy a vacation) and this water skiing trip. I'm going to get back on the horse and play as many hours as I can over the remaining 10 days of my shot.

Today's Session

Today I crashed my scooter. I played at Bay 101 from about 1:30 until 6:15 and managed to post a 1900 dollar loss. I won exactly 1 pot in my last 2.5 hours of play, and had stuff like this happen:

Bad player limps, I raise QJs. Passive lady with 2000 dollars in front of her calls on the button. JJ3 flops. I bet all three streets, she calls me down only, and on the river shows 33 for a full house that beats my trips. Believe it or not I almost checked the river, as she was THAT passive.

My QQ also ran into KK, my AT was cracked by JT, and various other bad things continued to happen to me until I finally decided I was not going to buy a 5th rack and just left when I got all in on my last hand.

Surprisingly, I don't think I was on tilt at the end of the session and really could have kept playing. I suppose I probably should have, but didn't want the loss to start with a 2 :(


Steve said...

I don't like the AQ hearts 3-bet call on the turn. Hands that beat you are 44s, 88s, XX (X = turn card), 48, and 4X. He should not be playing 48 and 4X after you raise pre-flop, and he definitely should have raised the flop with 4X. So you're down to 7 hands that beat you vs. all sorts of flushes or 2-pairs with flush draws that can be played the same way. I think you can raise and if he calls you can bet the river. If he donks or check raises the river you're probably beat.

jesse8888 said...

Admittedly it was close and you're probably right. I couldn't stomach calling down a 5 bet though....