Friday, January 20, 2017

I can't see how I annoy them

Preflop.  There is action.  Flop


SB bet/3 HJ raise/4 SB calls

Me to SB: no no no don't stop!!!

Entire table looks at me. 

Me: You just can't stop there!

Turn is a card

I look at sb:. Check

SB checks

I look at HJ:. Now he cheeeeKKK

HJ checks

River is a card SB bets

Me: See?  Now he canna call you with Ace Queen!

HJ folds Ace Queen face up. 


Pokershaman said...

Hey, one player to a hand!

Jesse Smithnosky said...

One player per misplay, sir.

Yvonne B. Bowen said...

Big thanks to you for sharing such great information.