Friday, December 11, 2015

Being In That Place

We had an all day "learning" event today at work (Agile, if anyone cares) and I got a got a quote that I really loved, and am about to butcher (about art, I think):

"the goal is not to "...", but to " ....." so you can be a place where "..." is inevitable"

I mumbled to myself, immediately, that "that's just like writing!" and my product owner looked at me and kind of laughed and I said no seriously that's how writing works.  And it's true.  You can't force writing, just like I promised myself I never would, you can only be in a place where it makes sense to write.  So I'm writing again, just a little tonight cause it's hard and weird and I should be asleep but I promise to come back with some awesome shit.  Or at least to recognize when I'm the right place to peck out some keys.

PS - I won an award today at work.  No shit, I was declared one of the most enthusiastic adopters of Agile Processes at EMC and am apparently going to get to go to a workshop to become a Scrum Master (a job function at which I will kick ass).  So yeah, life is OK.


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Welcome back

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